Human Resources

Student Work Study Programme


Motto: Dignity in Labour

Mission Statement: The Work-Study Unit provides vocational and practical training to instill in the mind of Students the concepts of dignity of labour and to create opportunity for students to earn some income.

Objectives: The main objective of establishing the work-study aside from helping alleviate financial burdens is to enable the students undergraduate, graduate and post graduate to have balanced education as in the philosophy of Adventist education world-wide, and to work as they learn so that they would be able to integrate with the changing society after studies.

Babcock University operates a work-Study programme which provides students with limited employment aimed at reducing their financial burdens. A substantial part of the University budgetary finances is channeled towards facilitating the programme.

Full time students (Resident and Community) are eligible to enroll under the programme. This does not include their spouses. A maximum of 20 hours per week is allowed for registered students while a maximum of 40 hours per week is allowed for non-registered students and during holidays. The work-study programme is reviewed every Academic session to promote efficiency and provide employment opportunities to other students wishing to enroll into the program. A student is allowed to work in one department only. Students who engage themselves in two departments stand the risk of forfeiting the two jobs and will also not go unpunished.

I. Students whose performance evaluation grades fall below average are advised to stop working. Students with low GPA are not permitted to work for more than 10hours per week.
II. Labour sheet are submitted to work-study supervisor in Human Resources Department on the last working day of the month or the next working day if the month ends in the weekend.
III. Students are advised to fill their work-study application form before leaving for the summer holidays in order to be considered for the programme in the next school year. New students are to pick and fill their forms at the Human Resources Department at the beginning of the school session for job placement.

  • HERITAGE AWARD: Heritage award is linked to actual work earned by each participant.

I. The Administration funds the award as a matching grant. Those who must get the best from the scheme should put in maximum hours ahead.
II. The amount realized from the two semesters will be calculated based on the following formula: X+2X = 3X; where
a. X is the Total Amount earned by each student on Work-Study during the 1st & 2nd semesters.
b. 2X is double the total amount earned by each student in (a) as a matching grant from Babcock University. This is what makes up the Heritage Award where 2x ≤ N40,000.00 per semester. 3X is the Total amount received by the student.

ELIGIBILITY: to be eligible, you must be a registered and current student of the University.

Work-Study opportunities are in the following area;

  1. Catering and Food Services
  2. Babcock Ventures
  3. Grounds
  4. Custodial
  5. Residential Halls
  6. Horticulture
  7. Chaplaincy
  8. Office Assistant
  9. Farm
  10. Facilities Management
  11. Chapel Seminar
  12. Research Assistant

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  1. Developing the right skills and competencies
  2. Preparing employees for present and future business needs
  3. Fostering continuous learning
  4. Reducing cost impact and time away from job
  5. Determining future workforce needs
  6. Leveraging existing talents and critical knowledge
  7. Creating a pool of internal candidates ready to fill future positions