Sports and Rereation

Sports Unit

The fundamental goal of the Sport Unit is to help each student develop a healthy spirit, mind, and body.
Sports participation in Babcock University is designed to service the total person. It is also seen as a vehicle that promotes the four fundamental principles of Adventist Philosophy of Education namely spiritual, social, physical and mental well-being of staff and students. In ensuring this, intramural sports are emphasized over and above inter-university athletic competition. Unwholesome spirit of rivalry, which enters into contest, where students vie with other institutions (not within the same bracket of sharing the Adventist culture) is not encouraged.
This department is in charge of arranging athletic events and contests for the institution's student body, with the best of these athletes being chosen to represent the university in different national and worldwide tournaments.
Basketball (Male and Female), Volleyball (Male and Female), Tennis, Football, Athletics (track and field events), Scrabble, Table tennis, Badminton, and Swimming are just a few of the sports in which Team BU excels. 
The advantages of participation in exercises or physical fitness activities are numerous, which is why the University encourages staff and students to engage in one or more types of sports activity.

Our major focus is in intramural and Competitive Sports. The university sports unit organizes sporting activities for both staff and students.
The following intramural competition holds every session.
1. Training, healthy rivalry and Recreational activities
2. Fitness and endurance activities
3. Inter-faculty athletic competition
4. Annual inter-faculty games
5. Group matches of Football, Basketball, and Volleyball
6. Racquet Games Championships
7. Cross-country race or road work
8. Coaching clinics
9. Sports club formations (e.g. Squash, Golf, Volleyball, Basketball, etc.)
The University has also competed in National and International Competitions such as the Nigerian Private University Games and the Nigeria Private University Debate.

1. To encourage a large number of people to participate in leisure and competitive sports and physical activities.
2. To encourage and promote high-level athletic performance.
3. To give a chance for students to acquire key qualities that can be learned via teamwork and collaboration.
4. To provide every one of our students, staff and faculty the chance to experience the thrill and excitement of participating in their chosen sport.
5. To give students, instructors, staff and faculty members with healthful and healthy activities for enjoyment and relaxation after intense school work.
6. To create avenue of relaxation for students, instructors, staff and faculty members where healthy activities are promoted to enhance wellness of the individual.