• Aerial view of students' residential area in Babcock University
    Residential area
  • A Premium hall in Babcock University
    A Premium Hall
  • Queen Esther Hall Babcock University
    A Female Hall
  • Nelson Mandela Hall Babcock University
    A Male Hall
  • Havilah Gold Hall Babcock University
    A Female Hall
  • Winslow Hall
    A Male Hall
  • Nyberg Hall Babcock University
    Aerial view: Nyberg Hall

Halls of residence

The halls of residence is one of the departments under the Student Development Division in Babcock University. This department does not only accommodate and provide welfare for the students who reside in their various hostels, it also encourages them to develop and inculcate good characters and morals for good citizenship within and beyond the boundaries of the University. The synergy between the halls of residence as a department and the student body, parents and other departments within and outside the division helps the department to constantly achieve its aim of providing a sustainable environment for intellectual development. Hence, the students are able to enjoy good facilities and tranquil hostels environment that support their drive for the acquisition of academic knowledge in the University.

Vision: The department has a vision which is ‘to provide a homely environment that promotes healthy life style in the achievement of excellence.’
Mission: The mission is to create an environment that identifies needs, promotes an understanding and nurtures the total development of our students.

The University ensures that each hall has a resident Hall Administrator and other supporting staffs like the Resident Assistants and the Cleaners who are called Homekeepers. These workers, especially the Hall Administrators and the Resident Assistants work with the students in the hostels to ensure peace and calm environment that is conducive for resting and learning. They equally make sure that students adhere to the provisions of the student Handbook within and outside the hostel environment. The Chief Hall Administrators for both male and female halls are the heads of all the male and female halls respectively. They coordinate and supervise the activities of the Hall Administrators in their various hostels.


The Male and Female hostels are classified under three categories

Classic hostels

Classic Male Hostels:

The classic male hostels are

  • Gideon Troopers,
  • Winslow,
  • Bethel Splendor
  • Samuel Akande.

While Gideon Troopers and Winslow accommodate two students per room, Bethel Splendor and Samuel Akande accommodate four students per room.


Classic Female Hostels:

The female classic halls are

  • Felicia Adebisi Dada hall,
  • Queen Esther hall,
  • Platinum hall,
  • Ameyo Adadevoh hall
  • Justice Deborah hall.

Premium hostels

Premium Male Hostels:

The premium hall category are Neal Wilson, Nelson Mandel and Welch Hall.

  • Neal Wilson
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Welch Hall

These halls accommodate six students per room except Welch hall which accommodates four students per room.

Classic Female Hostels:

The female premium halls are

  • Havilah Gold hall
  • Crystal hall

Interestingly, both classic and premium halls have toilets and bathroom within the rooms. The only difference is that while classic halls have single beds, premium halls have double beds. Regular halls do not only have double beds, they equally have toilets and bathrooms separately.

Regular hostels

Regular Male Hostels:

  • Gamaliel Hall

Regular Female Hostels:

The female regular halls are

  • White hall,
  • Nybergr hall,
  • Ogden hall,
  • Iperu Female hall