Food Services

  • Aerial Shot of Cafetaria of Babcock University
    Aerial view:Cafetaria
  • Inside the cafetaria at Babcock University
    Inside the Cafetaria
    A neat and hygeinic cafetaria

Catering and Food Services Department

The Department of Catering and Food Services aims to satisfy the nutritional needs of students and other customers through professional delivery of healthy vegetarian (lacto-ovo) food and services in a comfortable and hygienic environment.               
To be the first choice of Babcock University students and guests in the provision of satisfying food and catering services.

To provide healthy and balanced lacto-ovo vegetarian diet in a professional manner for the wellness of
Students and other customers.


  1. Directorate:  Plans, coordinates, implements, budgets and evaluates the activities of Food Services department to provide services for students, staff, and University guests.
  1. Finance Unit: Ensures provision and disbursement of funds for the overall day to day activities of the Department; salary administration and budgeting.


  1. Warehouse:  This unit ensures the stocking and supplying of quality goods for the students and guests consumption. 
  1. Kitchen Section: Process and serve food to the students and other University customers.


  1. Quality Control: Guarantees the quality and safety of food through sampling, tasting and general inspection and public enlightenment of staff members.
  1. Maintenance: Carries out routine and periodic maintenance of kitchen equipment and facilities.


The University charges for meals which allow two or three meals per day. Student requiring for special diet on health grounds should have a written request addressed to the Director of Food Services and certified by the University Dietician.
BU Cafeteria offers services to meet your needs for meetings, conferences, and special events. Our catering service operation at both campuses are more than prepared to assist you for your events.