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Dr. Soji Tayo

Alumni President's Welcome

We are excited to have you – Alumni, current students, parents and friends in BU alumni community. We promise to find events, ideas, and resources that matter to you. As Alumni great, you hold in your hand, one of the most prestigious diplomas. Wherever you find yourself, prove your mettle. Our nation is depending on you for the long awaited change - disciplined leadership. Show forth the Babcock example in every endeavour. Know that we are a community, a family, a home indeed. We are friends forever. We expect you at home once awhile. Do not leave any member of our community behind. Everyone should be connected for personal, community and national development. So explore, connect, and get involved. We are glad you are here. Enjoy your tour and remember that your views and contributions will make a difference in our alma mater. Welcome! Babcock University Alumni – Proud to belong!


Twice as Nice to Connect (informational)

We are proud of you – Babcock Greats! We are not just interested in knowing how you are doing, we want to be part of your story. We value every one of you. We appreciate you all for always making Babcock proud in your endeavours and your interest to give back to your alma mater. Kindly let us know what is happening to you. Just click here to drop a note. We pray for you.

You need to know these!

1. Your official transcripts can now be processed online. Click on Online Transcript on the Homepage or Services and follow the direction. You can always contact us for anything you need from Babcock University, so we advise you adequately.

2. You need to register as an alumnus/na of Babcock University to access classified information. Go to Alumni Only to register. Your username is Matric Number. Your password is your admin1234. Kindly change your password when you login by clicking the login details Tab. In case you are denied access to the page, kindly send us a short mail detailing your

a. Matric Number,

b. Surname,

c. Other names,

d. Course of Study,

e. Year of graduation, and

f. Phone number.

Send the mail to:

3. The Alumni leadership in consultation has fixed alumni dues at N2000 per year. Everyone was adequately considered before fixing the fee. This amount may be small for some of us but high for few others. We will send another detailed information on what leadership is doing with the money.