Office of Research, Innovation and International Cooperation

The Department of Research, Innovation, and International Cooperation (RIIC) was established to provide a conducive environment that promotes cutting edge research, local and international network and grant opportunities within the context of globally acceptable Seventh-day Adventist ethical standards. Headed by a Director, RIIC is responsible for ensuring that the University is transformed into a center of excellence in Research, Innovation and Development.

Vision Statement

A research focused department building capacity in excellent innovative research and development.

Mission Statement

To serve as a catalyst for cutting edge ethical re-search, through interdisciplinary collaboration and joint ventures that impact national and global needs.

Strategic Goals

  • Goal 1: Promote International Collaborations

    Seeking and establishing mutually beneficial international cooperation. Facilitating Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with identified collaborators

  • Goal 2: Source for Research Funding Opportunities

    Facilitating and operating BU annual research grant. Identifying grant opportunities and linking relevant researchers Developing and submitting grant proposals for external funding

  • Goal 3: Institute Research Incentives and Awards

    Organizing local, national and international workshops and conferences once per academic session. Developing a reward system for excellence in research (see IP Policy) (let this link to the IP Policy) Facilitating BU rebate on category A journal publication fees

  • Goal 4: Continuous training and retraining of staff and faculty on research ethics and grant writing

    Conducting periodical training for faculty and staff to develop grant winning proposals. Mentoring faculty and staff on grant writing and research career. Providing technical support and training for researchers in methodology design and data analysis.

  • Goal 5: Establish ethical principles and guidelines for the conduct and commercialization of research

    Ensuring Compliance with the developed research an IP policies Promoting the protection, transferring, and commercialization of intellectual property, and develop links to economic development Facilitating and supporting researchers for patent registration of identified IPs Ensuring researchers in BU comply with globally acceptable ethics in research through review of proposals by BUHREC Ensuring training and re-training of BUHREC members

  • Goal 6: Enhance BU global visibility through research

    Showcasing scholars through the inaugural lecture events. Promote global visibility through upload of research papers on BU website. Organizing annual BU research fairs Dissemination of research news through monthly research newsletter.

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