Student Support Centre

Student Support Center


BU Press
Mrs. Elizabeth N. Okonkwo, PhD


Executive Summary  
Student Support Centre seeks to foster a caring environment through the provision of counselling and welfare support services to students and their families.
To enhance an environment that is responsive to the remedial, psychological and welfare needs of students.
Creating a student–centered, individualized counselling, and welfare services for the university community.

  1. Provide a variety of advocacy and behavior modification counselling.
  2. Comprehensive academic and career assessment.
  3. Reduce the number of underperforming students in academic and citizenship grades.
  4. Maintain drug free and conducive learning environment.
  5. Facilitate student and parent orientation including support teams
  6. Clarify student personal values and goals.
  7. Emotional Competence Training.
  8. Individual/Group Counselling Services.
  9. Foster and maintain a welcoming and inclusive campus environment for all International students.
  10. Promote collaborative and cooperative learning with peers.
  11. Provide Biopsychosocial assessment and screenings.
  12. Provide bereavement services.
  13. Provide case management of students with medical challenges.
  14. Foster collaboration with local and foreign partners/agencies.
  15. Provide support for the following group of people:

All students
International students
First Year Students
Special Needs students (medically and physically challenged students)
First Year Students and International or Foreign Students