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President's Welcome Message

President Babcock University

Prof. Ademola S. Tayo (Ph.D) President/Vice-chancellor

Warm greetings to you all our stakeholders. We welcome you to a new beginning, a new day, a new dawn.

Welcome to Babcock University, one of the greatest educational gifts to Nigeria and Africa. Its unique features, identities and cultures make it a unique place of study, research and worship. The truth that universities are built to serve their communities, nation and mankind will continue to shape the inner and outer dimensions of our life as a community. We are resolutely committed to this value, vision and mission.As a University we are not insulated from the happenings of the times. This university has to be part of the solution. This is achievable through problem-based learning and integrated curriculum. In this galloping global age, we must be clear about where we are heading, our role in it and, our vision. The building blocks of globalization remain the nation-state. Our university must function within this scope. Babcock University has grown in leaps and bounds since her inception in 1999. Our graduates must continue to embrace the world, perform upon its stage and make the necessary impact for a better world. As a university, we make this solemn commitment, to hold our students close to heart because we know they will be great; indeed they are great and they will make us proud. To our dear parents, you do a great good to humanity when you “keep alive in your children a love of learning.” As an institution of learning worthy of its name, we will continue to provide the space within which to nurture, mature and build our children into becoming what they dream of becoming. According to Jim Rohn, “the difficulties you meet will resolve themselves as you advance. Proceed and light will dawn, and shine with increasing clearness on your path.”

The future is Babcock…the future is bright!

Principal Officers

Senior Vice President Academics
Senior Vice President Academics

Prof. Philemon O. Amanze - Senior Vice President (Academics)


Senior Vice President Management Services

Prof. Yacob Haliso- Senior Vice President (Management Services)


Vice President Financial Services

Dr. Folorunsho Akande - Vice President (Financial Administration)