Human Resources

Human Resources Services

Human Resources Services

We provide payroll service to the University. We work as a team to provide an accurate and efficient service working to strict deadlines and to ensure that employees are accurately rewarded. We operate an open environment for easy access to employees for their enquiries and to welcome requests for advice. We work hand-in-hand with the bursary payroll unit to achieve this set objective. Some of the activities we engage in are listed below:

  1. Provide monthly payroll service
  2. Deal with queries on employee benefit and pay
  3. Liaise with all employees in connection with payment issues

The University’s wide array of benefits include:

  1. 1. Retirement plan
  2. 2. Annual leave
  3. 3. Annual increment

Educational Administration

Core to the success of BU Administration is the effectiveness and the efficiency of Human Resources. Providing administrative support to the teaming members of Babcock University is of utmost importance to achieving our corporate goal. At BU, we are committed to maintaining high level of quality assurance. This will be achieved through constant evaluation of course outlines and course approval procedure.; developing relationships with library staff and the academic departments to explore new hardware and software tools for teaching and learning, and advocate needs to impact faculty members on the use of these new technologies.

Employment & Employee Relations Unit

Employment & Employee Relations Unit targets the best brain in Research and Administrative matters (within the resources available) aimed at meeting the changing organizational requirements. It promotes supportive working environment and creates opportunities for development in different spheres in order to enhance workforce towards achieving high levels of competency and competitiveness to meet the global standard.

Mission Statement

To employ, develop, manage and retain employees who will model and embrace work efficacy within and outside the university and be professionally competent to achieve the mission and vision of the University.

Payroll and Benefits Unit

Welfare and salaries management

At Babcock University, we regard our employees as our core asset in achieving set goals and objectives. To sustain our position in the forefront of excellent academic standard, Babcock University is committed to attracting and retaining the top-knots and top quality faculty and staff within and outside the country. As a strategic response to this goal, Babcock University has designed a highly competitive employee reward system as compared to our peer institutions within and outside the country. We believe in equity reward and this is reflective in our reward packages of equal pay for equal job.

We reward performance and this is reflective in our reward structure of promotion procedure. We seek to provide benefits for employees to serve a variety of need. We take into consideration individual needs in our reward system.

Personnel and Records Unit

Personnel files, confidential records

Personnel and Records unit is the laboratory of HR Department as it uses information from employee, background, experiences, history, accomplishments, goals, feedback, disciplinary action (if any), recognition, and promotions, to name just a few personnel records, in documentation.


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