“To create a unit where service delivery becomes the hallmark of excellence and a pride for the institution”

OVERVIEW OF THE UNIT: The Council and General Administration Unit of Registry is saddled with the responsibilities of coordinating statutory meetings in Babcock University. We serve as secretariat in disseminating and informing members on notice of meetings, minutes taking and, to issue voted actions to concern individuals. This Unit also coordinates day to day general administration of the Registry Department. The Council and General Administration Unit is an integral body providing synergy leading to team work among all units in our mission to attain excellence delivery of services to the public and the university community.


o Embassy and Student Visa Matters

o Immigration for Student

o Vacation Job Recommendation

o Recommendation Letter to Employer of Labor

o English Proficiency

· Appeal Form for student with Disciplinary issues

· General Administration Matters for Registry Staff

· Statutory Meetings

o Governing Council

o Administrative Committee

o Senate

o Congregation

o Student Disciplinary Committee

o Student Appeal Committee

· General Information

· Feedback Column

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