Information about Online Exams

Information about Online Exams

These are important information concerning the forthcoming exams.

Please take note of the following instruction as it concerns the entire period within which your online exams will be taken 


  • The new examinations timetable for the second semester examinations will be made available at least a week to the commencement of the examinations and will be communicated to all students.
  • For the purpose of the examinations, you will use either a smartphone, tablet or laptop/desktop computer. Please ensure that you fully charge your devices at least an hour before taking each examination. It is also expedient that you load sufficient amount of data on your devices for the examinations.
  • The UMlS password of each student will be required for authentication into the examination portal. 
  • Using this link UMIS  or Website
  • Therefore, all students who currently have any issues with their UMlS passwords should please contact Mr. Kenneth Kehinde, Ayeni, Assistant Director, UMlS (08168485016) and provide their matriculation numbers and their Babcock University email addresses for prompt resolution of the issue.
  • A chatting facility will be provided on the examination platform to give real-time response to problems from students. A robust helpdesk has been set up by the University to offer solutions to students who experience any problems while taking the examinations.


Specific Instructions for the Exam Portal

  • You are to provide your correct Matriculation number and password for authentication before you can be allowed to take the exam
  • You can only write one exam at a time
  • Exams are going to be available within a specified time

Below is the Timetable for the Online Exam for Third Year Students

Online Exam Timetable for Third Year students