Babcock University congratulates the sixty inductees who were inducted into the professional body at the seventh Medical Induction of the University, Celebrating the hard work and dedication of our medical students who have achieved excellence in their studies and also recognize the faculty and staff who have supported these students throughout their journey.

The President Vice Chancellor, Professor Ademola Tayo was full of joy when he gave his welcome address, congratulating the new medical doctors and their families for achieving success. He also viewed them as medical missionaries rather than only being motivated by profits.

Despite the difficulty of the training, Professor Tayo mentioned that they had successfully risen to the challenge and were striving to make a difference in their lives, communities, schools, and across the globe. He emphasized the significance of exhibiting leadership skills in this line of work, regardless of one's position. He argued that even without being a principal officer, everyone has the potential to be a leader and make a positive impact in their circles.

He urged the recent graduates to become a dedicated voice in the medical community, true to their beliefs, and steadfast despite all external pressures.

We honor the distinguished students who have chosen to pursue careers in the medical field throughout their studies. They have shown dedication and enthusiasm to learn and develop their skills. We are proud of each of them and look forward to watching them continue to succeed on their journey to becoming successful medical professionals.