An Inaugural Lecture has been described to represent a significant experience in the university environment where new or old Professors present milestones in their Academic Career

Professor Idowu of the Computer Engineering Department delivered the 37th Inaugural Lecture, Emerging Software Capabilities: Lifeline for Economic Growth and Sustainable Development.

Computers are equipped with Programmes to produce software with one or more capabilities. In order to achieve sustainable development, software capabilities present products and services that can provide and enhance potential opportunities for people, businesses, communities, and information to interact.

Software Capabilities as a lifeline for Economic Growth; the world and most businesses are going through digital transformation, this increased due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, which has led a lot of businesses to close down due to the inability to leverage the emerging software capabilities.

To ensure the fulfillment of market strategies, Government policies, private and corporate implementation, and practice of policies for economic growth and sustainable development, there is a need for international strategic adoption of software technologies and deliberate resource provisions to support initiatives.