Skill acquisition is very necessary in the world of innovation we are in, as technology is taking over every aspect and sectors of the world. The world doesn’t rely on having just degrees anymore, it’s about what you can offer and how to infuse your skills for the betterment of the world. The graduation Ceremony for the Babcock University for Open Distance and E-learning was attended both digitally and Physical.

Representing the Vice Chancellor Professor Ademola Tayo, the SVP Professor Yacob Haliso wished the graduating students well and spoke in high remarks of the establishment, urging people to be like the grandaunts and pick up a skill as soon as possible, the youth to imbibe the idea for the development of the country.

The Director for Open Distance and E-Learning, Professor Mobolanle Shotusa, spoke at length on the importance of Techhub, which isn’t limited to just young people but for everyone, to be relevant in their respective fields. She made a call to everyone to develop their IT skills as its needed and an essential.

Mr Segun a staff of Bucodel stated that there were 7 graduates from the program and there will be a next cohort by mid June for those that will want to apply

Mr Bamidele Ayodele a top official at FIRS who acquired a skill and also graduated, joined virtually to share his testimony of how the lecturers were ready to help to make them succeed and how he would be using his skill to tackle real life problems.

Certificates were presented by the SVP professor Philemon Amanze.