The  Business Administration and Marketing Department of Babcock University had its first personality lecture series which was based on the Entrepreneurship, graduate Employability and economic development. The secretary to the Ogun state Government Mr Tokunbo Talabi was the guest speaker of the day.

Mr Tokunbo describes an entrepreneur as one who organizes and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise. Speaking on the Graduate employability, he urged graduates to take initiative to do a business, start a process, strategizing on ways to make the business prosper. He said “it doesn’t matter what your degree is, whatever you derive joy doing is what you should go for and ensure you get paid for it”.

Mr Tokunbo Talabi highlighted the attributes to a successful Startup is to be disciplined; one needs to be firm with their thrift, and have savings to be able to cater for needs during hard times.

Don’t let anyone belittle what you have; we all start from somewhere, face your business with your heart and be diligent about it.

Don’t get your mind fixated; thinking that its only one thing you can do, be limitless and the sky is your starting point.