Friends, families, professors and Dignitaries were gathered at the 35th inaugural lecture of Professor Pius Deji Olanrewaju which held at the Babcock Business School  on Thursday 7th 2022 at Babcock University.

Professor Pius began his career as a banker, and worked at various banks, He served in the Faculty of Law as a lecturer at the Ogun state University who later came to Babcock University. He is an Alumnus of five Universities and a multi disciplinary scholar. He has Background in Management, Banking and Law, He belongs to many professional organizations like Chattered institute of Nigeria, member of Nigerian Bar Association amongst others, He is well nurtured in Commercial and Banking Law, currently he is the Provost of Babcock Law school.

In his lecture which titled, SECURING CREDIT TRANSACTION IMBROGLIO; THE PATHOLOGY AND THE THERAPY, he talked about how there is need for Judicial advocacy, there has to be fairness

Efficiency of the security- there is urgent need for the Archaic Laws to be reviewed, old laws should be reviewed from time to time, and we can’t be using the laws that were in existence in the 80’s while in 2022.

Efficient Administration of Justice- Stakeholders and Judges must continue to learn to update their knowledge and not rely on old information.