The software exhibition organized by Babcock University Computer Club, the student club of the school of computing and Engineering sciences had some software projects exhibited at the event. The theme of the exhibition was Business Technovations. The overall winner of the event was awarded with a 100 thousand naira gift prize.

The winner of the 100,000 naira gift prize consists of the group of Adeniga Caleb and Omoroje Joel who created an E-commerce application (Trazumi) to cater for multiple vendors and to also bridge the gap between vendors and customers through the app. This application aids buying and selling of products or services online.

Other software solutions exhibited include Medical application named MedX, developed by Wuyep Raynan a 17 year old student computer science. This is a web application for customers to get drugs delivered to them at the comfort of their home. The application also secures privacy for users, drugs that most people are ashamed to get over the counter. The application also allows you to speak to a professional for consultations and medical advice.

CHOW a food application created by a group of student Amah Christopher, Aigborie Ohiremen, Kabiawu Benedict, Afolayan Tamilore and Adeyemi Timilehin to make students life easier with varieties of foods available on the application. Meals are delivered to you wherever you are accompanied with a user friendly experience.

WALK IT a hardware device created by Bolujo Excellent, is designed to help the visually impaired create an artificial perception. The hardware is to assist the blind in case of emergency; it alerts the emergency contact assigned to the hardware and any close distance to the individual wearing the hardware.

Barrel.io by Samuel Abolo and Philip created distributed file system software that splits and distributes the parts of the file across different nodes (physical or virtual Machine). The files are then reassembled when they need to be downloaded, the essence of the software is to help with performance when it comes to file sharing especially when it comes to large files, thus reducing latency.

Exam Padii a software by Omotola Oreofeoluwa, Somotochukwu Okafor, Olagoke Kolade, Onuada Alfred, that allows students to test your Readiness for an Examination, allowing students to practice with some test questions. It tests knowledge and your speed in answering questions. The software had open AI integrated into it to show it on how to answer questions.

Hokimi is an application designed by Olukoya Iyiola to get rid of limitations of the physical world to fit in some things without having to be there physically. Like the clothing store, the app allows you to test jewelries and cloth virtually to know if it suits you well without being at the store physically.

Cloudiby is a cloud storage application built by Boluwatife Aluko and Afolabi Shokeye that has security, simplicity of use and latency as the core value that sets their software apart from other cloud storage apps is to store files on the internet for security purpose and not to lose files that are important can be accessible anywhere in the world, the aim is to become a major world player in the storage industry and to give ease to people protecting their files