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Welcome to the School of Education and Humanities here at Babcock University.  Our mission is to build minds for leadership through quality education in the Arts, Humanities and Education using the Christian platform to transform character and produce moral and ethical graduates for the wider society.

Students of the School of Education and Humanities are provided with requisite skills that will make them employable as well as being job creators in their own right. Cross fertilization of ideas and interdisciplinary studies are encouraged in order to bring out the best in our students, and advanced cutting edge research.

The School is blessed with a crop of qualified and dedicated teachers who view their work as missionary service. This ensures good teacher/student interaction. All courses in the School have full accreditation from the National Universities Commission (NUC) until 2022. The School also has accreditation from the International Board of Education (I.B.E). This gives an international flavour to the undergraduate and postgraduate degrees offered.

The School provides a historic ambience to study the Arts, Humanities and Education. There are five (5) academic departments within the School, offering undergraduate and postgraduate degrees namely:


There are synergies, exchange programs, international field trips and collaboration with universities in different parts of the world to broader our worldview.

For Babcock, the future is bright! The future is Babcock.

Abiodun A. Adesegun, Ph.D


School of Education and Humanities



The School of Education & Humanities is the Premier School of the University. The school  started during the inception of the Adventist College of West Africa. It became a faculty in 1999  and the first Dean was Professor Silvanus Ifechukwu Anuligo. It has gone through the leadership  of nine Deans, including the current Dean, Professor Abiodun A. Adesegun. The School of  Education & Humanities is made up of five Departments which are: the Department of Religious  Studies, the Department of History & International Studies, the Department of Languages &  Literary Studies, the Department of Music & Creative Arts, and the Department of Education.  The focus of the School of Humanities is the study of human beings in all facets of their complex  nature and multidimensional relationships in society.


While the primary focus of the Arts and Humanities is the study of human beings in all facets of their complex nature and multidimensional relationships in society, education, on the other hand, is the process through which those relations and knowledge are refined, retained and diffused for the advancement of culture and learning. The departmentalization of knowledge in this field is reflected in the structure of the basic teaching and research units into which the School of Education and Humanities is divided. The Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A) is the traditional liberal arts degree while the Bachelor of Arts (Education) (B.A Ed.) and the Bachelor of Science Education (B. Sc. Ed.) are the specialized degrees for education disciplines offered in conjunction with other departments within and outside the School.

Babcock University offers a brand of Christian education which aims at giving the student the balance, perspective, knowledge and understanding of a well-educated person to free him or her from bias, intolerance and ignorance about humanity, and world environment. It is intended that such education would acquaint the student with the basic knowledge and skills necessary for independent and reflective though so essential for successful living in today’s complex world.

Therefore, the broad aims and objectives of the School of Education and Humanities include but not limited to the following:

i)         To develop in the students ethical and social values which would enhance their total development and capacity to influence the wider society.

ii)        To inculcate in the students a sense of judgment and discernment in the management of human affairs

iii)       To develop in the students’ necessary skills in humanities and education that would prepare them to effectively function in their chosen areas of specialization.


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