School of Management Sciences Samuel, O. Ph.D
Dada Samuel, O. Ph.D
Dean of School

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Vision Statement

To be a world class trainer of strategic and innovative managers of organizational resources with the best of morals.

Mission Statement

Creating wealth and positively impacting society by developing managerial resourcefulness through innovative research and Christian-based education.


The School of Management Sciences developed all its programmes on the basis of impeccable moral education using the Adventist Christian heritage of God as the foundation of all knowledge. The school believes in research and sound pedagogy as the ultimate influence in the future of education and industrial development of any society. As a result, the school adopts a mixture of classroom work, field research and hands-on practicum in the design of all its programmes. In addition, globalization, institutional and scholarly peer linkage programmes as well as Information and Communication Technology (ICT) play central role in our curricular contents and course development.

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