Previous Inaugural Lectures

The Truth About Truth: Postmodernism and its Epistemological Implications for Christian Education
One Kingdom, Many Kings - The Fungi - once side-lined and maligned, now irrepressible and irresistible
The Hand that Handles the Scalpel
Parasitic Infections - Challenges of Control and Eradication in Public Health
The Oracle, IntellectuaL Property & Allied Rights, the Knowledge Economy and the Development Agenda
Factionalism, Rampaging Economic Vampires, and the Fragile State
Footprints - Livestock Nutrient Management and the Environment
Nursing on the Move: Consolidating and Harnessing the Gains for Clinical Excellence
Accounting in the Digital Age - Creating Values with Paperless Decision Support Systems
Cost of Beating the Bug - Issues in Health Financing
The Ministry in the Ministry of Public Health Promotion - Contending with Principalities and Powers

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